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Davis Cup – Slovakia:Ukraine – Day 2

Davis Cup and Saturday mean it’s doubles time. Often times it’s the deciding match in a Davis Cup tie and althoug it wasn’t the case this time – it provided an emotional five-set drama. Luckily, the Slovaks Filip Polasek and Igor Zelenay were on the winning side as they defeated Sergij Stakhovsky and Sergey Bubka. The final score was 7:5, 6:7, 6:2, 6:7, 6:4 and the Slovak team now has the 2:1 lead. Also, there was a surprise guest in the stands. The world athletics legend Sergey Bubka (pole vaulting) came to see his son competing in the world’s most prestigious tennis competition. Photos from day two on my blog: http://hutera.blog.sme.sk/c/275732/Davis-Cup-SlovenskoUkrajina-Sobota.html

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