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Banska Stiavnica Rooftops from the Old Castle 2022


A late afternoon stormy light on the balcony of the Old Castle overlooking the rooftops of the historic center of Banska Stiavnica. Located in Central Slovakia, Banska Stiavnica was one of the most important cities of Hungarian Empire, getting its riches from gold and silver. On the left, engulfed in the storm clouds is the now restored Calvary complex. The central part of the photo displays the rooftops of various mining houses, museums, three churches and a city hall with clock tower. On the hill to the right is the New Castle, built in 16th century as a watch tower agains the Otoman attacks. Sadly, several buildings on this photograph were heavily damaged by the fire on March 18th 2023. This view won’t look the same for some time.

Copyright Milan Hutera, 2022. All Rights Reserved.