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Storm Chaser - Rainbow Catcher

Trees and Forests

The lone tree stands in the middle of the field, covered by the briefly appeared double rainbow in the fleeting storm light. A lot of times, it is the photographer that chases the storm and the beautiful contrasty light. In june 2022, it was quite the opposite. After some minutes of not particularly great light I was no longer the one chasing the strom light. The storm was chasing me. The rain started along with some wind. I decided to walk back to the car, expecting the worst (the walk took about 7-8 minutes). I got to the car moments before the crazy rain and wind hit. I waited out the storm in the car and as the storm was ending a beautiful rainbow appeared. I hurried back to the spot and the following scene appeared for about 5 minutes.

Artist’s note: some high voltage powerlines in the distance (not significant, but visible) as well as the shadow of my tripod were retouched from this scene.

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